Why Batman’s Cape Makes No Sense

Batman’s cape is cool, no doubt. But it wouldn’t, in any reality that includes gravity, actually work.

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32 thoughts on “Why Batman’s Cape Makes No Sense

  1. The point is the comic science behind it covers all this with special cloth for his cape and the fact he trained his body to be peak human which would allow him more control over his gliding and how long he would maintain flight, basically comic physics .

  2. Like people Batman is an icon he's not a real person in real situations perhaps in a few years we can actually do some of the stuff that Batman does on the show but for now it's entertainment

  3. Bruce Wayne funded the study and fixed the results so others wouldn't try. Instead you should investigate how Superman gets his powers from yellow sun rays when the Suns light is actually white. Fusion reaction.

  4. What I like about bale's batman is that we have an "explanation" (vague statements by Lucius fox) on to why things work. It feels more realistic that the cape can "harden" to become some sort of delta wing. Even though the technology doesn't yet exist