When Superheroes FLEX Their MONEY in Movies

Superheroes love money, no matter how much they might say they don’t. Look, I might not be at Norman Osborne levels of wealth, but I am somewhat of a businessman myself, so here I am presenting to you the best times when superheroes flexed their money in movies!
This list is just my opinion so feel free to let me know about your thoughts in the comment section below.

Top 10 Ironman Flexes:
Top 10 Batman Flexes:

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44 thoughts on “When Superheroes FLEX Their MONEY in Movies

  1. I love how both Tony stark and Bruce wane have had someone try to take their respective company's from then multiple times and each time they take it back with excellent main dish of style and a nice side of karma with a classic billionaire playboy flex for dessert. Also I noticed that a certain Emerald archer/ Billionaire playboy from star city isn't on this list

  2. both bruce wayne and tony stark are the best billionaires ever coz they flex when they need to but not everytime they want to. They are humble when it counts and they have no problem giving all the credit to someone else like how batman gave all the credit to harvey dent because he knew gotham needed a hero and how batman was always meant to be a symbol and not a person (anyone could be a superhero) and similarly how tony literally funds every expensive ass operation by avengers and supplies all the cool tech to shield and avengers. Literally every superhero right now is a superhero thanks to some kind of stark tech. He is the reason some of the newest ones are here. And he doesn't just buy them and give it he makes it, that's right tony stark is one of the word's most brilliant scientific engineers and that's a flex all by itself.

  3. Only bats channel 😅, well Harley Quinn's ass will definitely pull in viewers 😂 and ueah, youre right ab iron doing what he wants, even black widow told him shed do "whatever she wants, with whomever she wants.". But Earl in Batman was awesome in "Hobo w a shotgun."

  4. Hmm,
    It's almost like a given that the richest superheroes somehow became the center figure to the universe they are in; especially to what TS had said in Avenger-2 about "Pay everything, design everything, make it everything looked cooler"

  5. 1:40
    Flash: You have a satellite?
    Batman: Actually i have 6
    Elon Musk: Actually i have 3,580 satellites, soon it will be 12 000

    Iron Man: What is the use of owning a race car when you do not drive it?
    Elon Musk: What is the use of owning car company when you can not send cars to other planets?

    What makes you think you can decide who's running Wayne Enterprises?
    Batman: The fact that i am the owner?

    What makes you think that you can decide who runs the Twitter?
    Elon Musk: The fact that i am the owner?