What A Batman Cinematic Universe Would Look Like

You can make an entire cinematic universe out of just Batman characters and In this video I’m going to prove it. 23 movies and three phases which span 14 years of movies which is entirely focused on the Bat family and Batman related characters.

00:00 – Intro
1:43 – Phase 1
7:42 – Phase 2
14:55 – Phase 3
28:19 – Outro

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44 thoughts on “What A Batman Cinematic Universe Would Look Like

  1. I like what you’re doing with these videos but I feel like you’re trying to make these too similar to the MCU. Have a timeline and an ongoing story following each movie in the cinematic universe.

  2. Phase 1
    Batman Begins (2005)-1:43
    Batman II (2008)-2:51
    Catwoman (2010)-3:46
    Batgirl (2011)-4:30
    Batman & Robin (2011)-5:06
    Gotham Knights (2012)-6:25

    Phase 2
    Batman: The Caped Crusader (2013)-7:43
    Batgirl: Unwanted (2013)-8:53
    Nightwing (2014)-9:42
    The Outsiders (2014)-11:05
    Gotham Knights: The Man Who Laughs (2015)-13:15
    Batwoman (2015)-14:34

    Phase 3
    Red Robin (2016)-14:55
    Nightwing vs Deathstroke (2016)-15:58
    The Outsider II (2017)-17:04
    Batman: Under The Red Hood (2017)-17:33
    Batwing (2017)-18:54
    Batgirls (2018)-19:41
    Batwoman in Wonderland (2018)-20:37
    Gotham Knights: Cataclysm (2018)-21:11
    Deathstroke (2019)-24:03
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2019)-25:20
    Nightwing: Batman Reborn (2019)-27:10

  3. I really enjoyed this. It’s interesting how you structured it. Do you think you can try this structure with Spider-Man? That would be a challenge, but a fun one I’ll bet.

  4. The funny thing is i always thaught that if you want to start a real dc universe you start with the entire batman cinematic universe first , then when hes older and most of the batfamily is around thats when the league starts getting introduced , that was he can fight his whole rogues first then he is ready to fight with the league

  5. The only thing that bothers me is that Jason is too young as Red Hood. He could have been taken in by the League of Shadows or All-Chaste and train for a few years before becoming Red Hood.

  6. Well duh of course, 1. It’s Batman.
    2. His rogues gallery is deep & intriguing enough. Not to mention in this scenario villains like Deathstroke wouldn’t have been sold, since he’s not a enemy of any certain hero.
    3. Joker, Ra’s, Hush, Hugo Strange, Red Hood(eventually), Deathstroke & the Court of Owls are all main villain worthy. Some could get their own movie.(Joker has one & DC had a Deathstroke movie in the works.
    4. You have Batman & 4 Robins, that in itself is 5 possible trilogies(1 Bats trilogy & a Batman & Robin trilogy for each phase) Dicks trilogy leads to Nightwing, Jason’s Red Hood, etc. Now add Batgirl, now add the rest of the Bat family.
    5. Catwoman can also hold her own in the box office.
    6. Jim Gordon with the right director & story, could be good.
    7. Every Robin, becomes their own hero at the end of their respective trilogies, which leads to more material.
    8. Your thought process with hoe the movie rights work is incorrect. Marvel only sold the film right to their biggest properties, for example Spider-Man, the X-Men, Hulk, etc. Suicide Squad wasn’t as popular then for it to be sold. Amanda Waller is in the same boat as Deathstroke, she’s a neutral villain, same with the Suicide Squad, there’s enough Batman villains who’ve been on the Suicide Squad to still have a Task Force X.

  7. Oh do you know what else they could have done if they did do this batman cinematic universe. Have Batman’s mask have a voice changer so we could have Kevin conroy (RIP) voice Batman when ever Bruce is wearing the Batman mask that way we have Christian bale and Kevin conroy both as this universes Batman

  8. I think that for this version of Batman Begins, they would go with a treatment that had been written by Frank Miller, yea, the guy who wrote The Dark Knight Returns, that Frank Miller

  9. Also I think the equivalent to the Sony allowing marvel to use Spider-Man in the MCU would be paramount allowing this universe to use the teenage mutant ninja Turtles for a Batman vs TMNT movie.

  10. The Dark Knight Saga Phase 1 Batman Catwoman Batman Returns Batgirl Robin Gotham Knights Phase 2 Batman Forever Batgirl Wanted Nightwing The Outsiders Gothman Knights The Man Who Laughs Batwoman Phase 3 Nightwing vs Batman Red Robin The Outsiders 2 Batwing Batgirls Red Hood Gotham Knights Cataclysm Batwoman Wonderland Deathstroke Gotham Knights The Dark Knight Rises

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  12. Awsome for my own batman universe I would like a dark knight trilogy a batgirlbsolo movie and a robin solo movie for TV shows I say do like a back story for Jame gordon

  13. 2005: Batman Begins
    2008: Batman: The Caped Crusader
    2010: Catwoman
    2011: Batgirl, Batman & Robin
    2012: Gotham Knights
    2013: Batman & Robin Return (The video just shows Batman & Robin 2 so I made my own title), Batgirl: Wanted
    2014: Nightwing, Outsiders
    2015: Gotham Knights: The Man Who Laughs, Batwoman
    2016: Red Robin, Nightwing Vs. Deathstroke
    2017: The Outsiders Vol. 2, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batwing
    2018: Batgirls, Batwoman: Wonderland, Gotham Knights: Cataclysm
    2019: Deathstroke, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Nightwing: Batman Reborn