Wearing the Dark Knight suit! #batman

A question I get asked a lot about my Batman Armory is whether the suit is actually wearable. And the answer is…

Watch the full video here!

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41 thoughts on “Wearing the Dark Knight suit! #batman

  1. Please don’t hate me for mentioning race I’ll explain I’m writing a comic book that I’ll likely never get published bc I don’t own the rights to Batman but my version of deathstroke is half Asian, if you were to suit up as deathstroke I’d feel like I’m seeing my comic come to the big screen, you don’t have to if you don’t want to nice bat suit!

  2. I think this suit without the cape looks so much more dope, Bruce should have made a slim armored suit like this that has a retractable cape that can deploy out when he needs to glide. I just feel like having a thick heavy cape always out would really limit mobility