Unreal Engine Batman Arkham #16a: Better Ragdolls and Batman Begins Skin update

Idk why I haven’t done these shorter uploads that focus on a single thing for a while now, but since I did some big improvements on the enemy ragdolls and fixed the strangely skinny legs of the Batman Begins suit I might as well showcase these two things now. The legs thing was also mostly the product of me being a bit too laser-focused on the upper body, so I’ve also used the opportunity to add some minor extra detail there. I’ve also done some adjustments to the cape physics with the Begins suit specifically (yes, the cape physics parameters vary on a per-skin basis thanks to me having made a bunch of different physics assets that produce different behaviours depending on what I want for that skin).
Also for those that havent’t seen my community post about the Begins suit: I wasn’t going for 100% accuracy (that’d be boring lol, always more fun to do my own spin on something), so most of the differences are intentional to make this more of a refit-version of the Begins suit, since I felt like some things just make it look better/more interesting than the original.
Btw. excuse the fact that there might be a rare instance of missing animations on (floor-)takedowns in this video, this is because I’m kinda in the middle of overhauling the enemy pawn class and am replacing a lot of the systems behind takedowns and their animations to clear the way for different playable characters, so naturally things like to break in the current state.



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24 thoughts on “Unreal Engine Batman Arkham #16a: Better Ragdolls and Batman Begins Skin update

  1. Bro this looks so good even the cape physics i dont even know how to make cape physics 💀 is there an much easier way to make this or do you have to make it all by yourself ?

  2. Hey man, not sure if this is the best place to ask but I'm not aware of another spot but I was wondering if you could help with something. I'm using the arkham knight 8.04 suit in an animation project and I cant quite figure out how to go about doing the lacquered material, the material of the bat logo and shoulders, since there's two normals and stuff. Did you do a layered material or how'd you go about doing it? Hope to hear from you and keep up the awesome work on this project!


    Edit:i'm amazed with this project,this is getting better then any arkham game.of course,when it releases like on steam or smth i will DEFINETALY download it as soon as it releases

  4. You have to turn this into a Batman Arkham Beyond fan game based off of Batman Beyond set in an open-world Neo Gotham. This has impressed me a lot, and it would be a waste if you just left it as just some school project and was left alone by some people. We need this to have a story, direction, soundtrack, voice actors, and people who are fans of Batman Beyond and the Batman Arkham games to write the story with passion and care for this project as a continuation to the Arkhamverse's story. This project should be what Rocksteady should have done if they would have listened to their fans instead of them making their Suicide Squad game look like it isn't canon and should have been set in another universe. I would want to fund for this project to turn it into a Batman Arkham Beyond fan game. Maybe it could have a similar concept like Hunt Down The Freeman, now as much as that isn't a good fan game that is supposed to have an original story taking place in the Half Life universe and doesn't feel like it is, it atleast knew what it was. You could learn from the mistakes of that game.