Top 8 Batman #shorts

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29 thoughts on “Top 8 Batman #shorts

  1. 1. Arkham batman
    3.90's animated batman
    4. Battinson
    5. DCAMU batman
    6. Keaton batman
    7. Batbale
    8. 2004 series batman

  2. my top 5
    1) Lego Batman From half villain to real hero and I love the music at the beginning of the movie
    2) Batman telltale If you choose the violent one, it's very badass "because" you ask me a simple question. He stuck a batarang in the falcone's hand and pierced him with a bar in his stomach, breaking a bandit's hand, nose and ribs
    3) Arkham for its ending
    4) Injustice for how much he suffered (Especially if you count the he-man comic
    5) Do vs Superman (Just for martha's meme)
    and the rest i have no opinion