Top 20 Times Batman Went Beast Mode

When this DC character goes beast mode, get out of his way! For this list, we’ll be looking at the Dark Knight’s most vengeful, impressive, and savage fight scenes from movies and TV. Our countdown of the times Batman went beast mode includes films and shows like “Batman Begins”, “Batman: Hush”, “Titans”, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, “Batman: Year One”, and more! What’s your favorite Batman beast mode moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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43 thoughts on “Top 20 Times Batman Went Beast Mode

  1. Difficult to pick just one from the original animated series, but for lifetime achievement probably taking down nearly all the rogues at once in the episode 'Trial' after having been captured by them and brought to Arkham Asylum. Keep in mind this was before he'd been elevated to unstoppable godhood status by his fandom and often struggled against regular goons.

  2. Everyone marvels when they read or watch Dark Knight returns most forget that there's a trilogy to that story, in it Bruce admits that all the years even the last time he fought Clark, Clark was always holding back, that he never stood a chance.

    It's funny whenever I come across such scenes like the one at the no. 1 spot, and I'm like if only they knew.

  3. I say still that of batman's the dark night trilogy was all presented in these 20 most stauning action scene fights 😱!!! But with still batman the dark night part one and two really show us twice because counting in the live action fight film scene in BVS dawn of justice really gain from the bad to the g😱😱d
    In better crisis of infinite earth damn for me is the end of a true favorite for any of us as fans of batman to say he really beet up his double clone from other name symbol.
    Still someday I do need to rewatch for once the Batman vs TMNT and again to batman with the young justice films.

  4. Why is there a debate on the vial in The Batman? It’s Venom. We see it all the time with Bane and he has used it in the comics. They weren’t even subtle with the practically glowing green drug. I can’t imagine what else it would be.

  5. Everyone know the voice of Batman will always be Kevin Conroy, and Joker is Luke Skywalker… But for me, the best voice of Amanda Waller will always be CCH Pounder. She shoulda played her in the live action movies.