The Making of ‘BATMAN’ (1989) Behind The Scenes

Batman (1989)
Behind The Scenes, The Making Of Classic (Batman 1989)

Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Michael Keaton (Batman / Bruce Wayne), Jack Nicholson (Joker / Jack Napier), Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale), Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth)



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46 thoughts on “The Making of ‘BATMAN’ (1989) Behind The Scenes

  1. I was 8yrs old and mom told me " Hey get in the car" and its turned into a lifelong love and obsession! Lost her to cancer not long ago, she sure would've loved seeing him put on the suit again in The Flash

  2. Jack's best line within this entire film has to be "Ever dance with the Devil in the Pale Blue Moon"…
    And sadly, this line was never carried forward torward the other Batman/Joker films.

  3. Was the first movie I remember watching in the movie theater, I was 4 🦇

    The Premise was on Monday, June 19, 1989… The day I watched thus video Monday, June 19, 2023 ♾️

    8 words: “Wait till they get a load of me.” 🃏

  4. Never seen this before , there's soo much great insight into my second favorite character outside of Spider-Man , I just loved seeing Stan Lee supporting the film , franchise. 🖤 💛 🦇🤘

  5. Had huge expectations and it still blew them to bits when I saw this with my mother on cinema, even she was mindblown eventhough violent and dark movies usually make her fall asleep

  6. 1989 ??? I did not even notice it was so long ago ? It still feels fresh to me 😂 damn time flies . This is the year the berlin wall fell !! Was it made in that time ? Funny . I did not even relate this date with this movie .

  7. It was shocking to learn that Keaton was cast as Batman. Back then I don't remember a casting choice for a film that was this shockingly outside the box of thinking. With the success of this film everyone learned that an actor regardless of what they seem to do best could be cast in something polar opposite. Back during this pre-Internet era they would release photos from the set and these photos were the earliest marketing for the film. I remember seeing those first photos of Keaton in his costume and any doubt about him as Batman went away for good. The photos of Keaton in that his costume and the Batmobile had everyone excited about this movie's release. Another thing about this era was the lack of movie theaters. Back then there were fewer theaters and they had not learned yet to show a super popular film on multiple screens so the first weekend it opened I could not get in to see it. I showed up to the theater and found the line wrapped around the building. 34 years ago feels like it was 100 years ago with hiw fast things move now.

  8. you couldn't place more advertising on youtube, could you? totally exhausting when you are emotionally torn from the documentation every 5 minutes. therefore: shitty video

  9. God i hated “batman begins”, i was bored to tears and now audiences are finally catching up past the hype. Keaton is my batman, not these british dudes nowadays

  10. I was 8 years old when this came out. I remember being too young to go and see it and being jealous of all the older kids queuing outside the local pictures (cinema) that Friday night. Once my family got it on vhs I almost wore it out. I had to wait though. Back then it was at least 12 months wait between cinema and vhs release 😅

  11. what irritates me is Bob Kanes wife getting all weepy over how touched Bob was…imagine how Fingers family felt seeing it blow up like it did and he not get any credit.

  12. My friend brought a pirate copy of this home from Turkey on videotape kids ( look it up ! ) And we all watched it in horrific black and white and it was recorded IN the cinema with people walking past and getting up , ahhh the good old days 👌