The Dark Knight * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

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29 thoughts on “The Dark Knight * FIRST TIME WATCHING * reaction & commentary

  1. I don't think this was Heath Ledger last movie I think he last movie was Ned Kelly I think I check up on that and Ashleigh I know that you won't watch Ned Kelly movie because it's an Australian movie and you haven't seen Australian movie yet

  2. Yes, Joker loves his grenades. He really gets a bang out of them.
    The retrieval by plane bit was based on a real system called the Fulton Skyhook, developed in the 70s.
    Joker got his scars in a tragic shaving accident as a teen.

  3. Absolutely awesome movie. Best movie for the Batman/Joker dynamic imo. Batman doesn't kill Joker b/c his 1 rule is that he doesn't kill so the Joker doesn't kill Batman b/c his goal is to break him so he spends his time trying to make him break his 1 rule. Awesome movie. Side note, am I the only one who heard "Samurai Cock" at the end? I did a double take and went back and heard it again haha

  4. I hope you finish the trilogy. (Would assume so) But anyways, Heath kept kicking his lips to keep the prosthetics from falling off, director like it so they kept it.
    When he "tells" Batman where Rachel and Harvey are he purposely misleads them as Batman hit him in the head. "Don't start with the head, they get all foggy!" Line
    Also your rule of no body, no death omits the blowing into bits part lol.
    Fantastic trilogy overall though, glad you enjoyed

  5. How do you cut &/or talk over EVERY epic scene/ speech? 🤫
    Edit: SERIOUSLY!?! YOU MUTED GORDON'S ENTIRE ENDING SPEECH?!?! I love ALL of your reactions but this one was an epic failure; a train wreck. I was REALLY looking forward to this reaction but now I'm just disappointed. 😔

  6. I've never been a fan of Batman, but I watched this because Gary Oldman. Turned into me falling madly in love with Ledger. What an absolutely incredible performance, beginning to end. I was so sad to hear of his passing. If there is an afterlife, I hope it's the kind where he got to witness the impact he made on people before he died. He deserves to know.

  7. Heath Ledger did not commit "suicide"

    The simple fact is Heath Ledger was given a combination of medicines accidently combined by a pharmacist that was lethal.

    The ignorance of Jack Nicholson telling everybody his stupidity of his story, should have been corrected!