The Batman – One Year (and a bit more) Later

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29 thoughts on “The Batman – One Year (and a bit more) Later

  1. Batman has and always will have more depth compared to other hero stories and movies. Simply because his a man not super except in his wealth and resources. There is more depth in his vulnerability and psychology that all humans have. So providing you have good writers, directors and artist he will remain one peoples favourite characters.

  2. I just want to say on behalf of all blacks people:

    “We are not consulted prior to these casting decisions, nor do we support ‘race swapping’ nor do we view it as some sort of accomplishment”

    In fact if not for y’all pointing it out, I wouldn’t have noticed, except when it’s done poorly like with the Star Wars guy, and just to let you know he’s British and African, not an American Black, so we have nothing to do with that anyway.

    We’d much rather just have our own movies however Hollywood doesn’t think we should have heroic representations of ourselves depicted in film less it provide a counter Archetype to the current Gangster/Athlete Archetype. This sort of multidimensional analysis is beyond the scope of bigots and those with brittle spirits to the extent that fictional characters elicit such a visceral response.

  3. What I find funny is that the lady who plays Catwoman is mixed. Both her parents are mixed. She is lighter than a good portion of my family. Who are almost entirely Irish. She's not even black 😂. And she plays the character well. I get that it's annoying when they race swap characters for no reason. It is. But she wasn't swapped for no reason. This was simple she's good for the job. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  4. Worst batman worst villains worst writing worst actors

    Nobody even remembers this peice of shit film. Thats how memorable it was. Fucking shit

  5. I remember when people complained about seeing all the action in the trailers. I had to explain to my friends too that I wasn’t just an action movie. It was noir detective, thriller, Batman movie

  6. Side observation: Just love how in cinema when a black or brown person call out daily amd lived injustice the white viewers on Twitter go CRAZY like they got called ou-…. oh wait😂.

  7. I saw this movie in theaters and I immediately fell in love , year and sum change later and I still love it and honesty think it’s my fav live action Batman movie to this date and just in general a great movie with Batman and it’s lore in it. The camera/ angles/ sound/ music/ story/ was all just so great to me 😚🤌🏼

  8. this is the type of movie where the race swap works… then again, it would always work if it was done to improve the story, or if it doesn’t effect the story at all.. but most movies will race swap and spend the entire movie pointing it out …. works amazing here … Jeffrey Wright killed it

  9. Catwoman has been race swapped a few times since the 1960s……no issues here.

    Commissioner Gordon’s race swap was fine. This was easily the best depiction of Gordon & Batman’s relationship in any Batman movie. No issue here.

    My biggest beef with the movie is because Robert isn’t jacked….but Michael Keaton wasn’t jacked either. So is that a real issue to begin with?

    This movie has aged well. I like it better now than when I first watched it.

  10. Bale benefits from being in a Nolan movie with a great cast. Nolan likes titans of industry and comes off as a benevolent billionaire. You don’t see any of the weird or dark sides of Bruce Wayne as much, it’s more an exceptional rich person being challenged by psychopaths.

    Not knocking the wealthy, it goes against how weird yourself you have to be to wear a costume and fight crime at night