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batman suits Our team of skilled professionals has painstakingly designed every aspect of the costume, from the calf-length zip to the iconic bat symbol on the chest. Each detail has been meticulously crafted to produce an ensemble that’s as close to the real thing as possible. Our long history of costume design has enabled us to create the ultimate Batman costume with absolute perfection.


  1. The likeness is definitely not there on the first one, it looks nothing like Bale, I don’t see it even in the slightest. The only one that looks kind of like him is the open mouth talking one. The last one I don’t know, I do kind of see him there, it’s maybe 85%. But the first one I don’t see him there at all.

  2. This is an amazing Batman Begins head sculpt. The Christian Bale likeness, the paint application and the details are top tier quality all across the board. The way in which the light reflects off the head sculpt further adds to the high degree of realism. OT Customs has created an absolute masterpiece with the Batman Begins head sculpt. The moving eyes take an already solid piece and they elevate it to another level. I don't know why Hot Toys can't get the Batman Begins figure right, especially since they've made it four times. I can give them a pass if the first attempt didn't look good, but not the third or forth attempt. You shouldn't have to mess around with an expensive figure and it should look good straight out of the box. Though, for some reason, Hot Toys has no love for Batman Begins, or else they would've gotten the figure right by now. However, as @bladerunner1b mentioned, you need the OT Customs head sculpt, the moveable eyes and the figure itself. Sure, the head sculpt is stunning, but it comes at a steep price point. You would have to spend $700 on something that should've been screen accurate from an official company without having to spend even more money. For people who are just starting to collect Hot Toys and for those who aren't into modding or custom pieces, then the default Hot Toys figure will most likely suffice. Though, for die hard passionate fans such as, yourself the Hot Toys release is ultimately a disappointment. Thanks, Dean! I really appreciate it! God bless and stay safe!

  3. It looks absolutely fantastic but it isn't easy getting there and in the end pretty expensive. You will need the Begins figure for $300 (wait for sale?) and then possibly have to deal with the gloss issues on that, this sculpt which I would guess to be about the same – $300 – You will need a donor head if you want the moveable eyes ($60 – $100 if you don't already have one) and then have to deal with switching the eyes yourself – annd then you need a cape which last I checked were about $60 if I am not mistaken. So about $700 give or take depending on what all you need.

    It's definitely not something for the noobs.

    But the worst part, that sour bitter taste in your mouth is HT could have very easily given us something close to this for $300.

  4. I have a first run of these sculpts from a year ago and looks sick on the figure. OT is an amazing artist, and quality is top notch tempted tonget his new version "fiting" wich is the cowl looking down.

  5. Best custom head out there? How much did you get it for? Does the custom cape have anything to do with attaching the cape? I have a custom cape but it has the holes for the cape clips that are positioned for the placement of the Hot Toys cape clips.

  6. This is damn near perfection…congrats man. This video fired me up 🔥 I love the 1/4 and display by the Tumbler…never liked the 1/6 ….but this nails it. Congrats & bitter sweet.

  7. So he has the hot toys empty socket selection for pre order so you have to install your own hot toys eyes when you receive cause he replied that he does not. So if you can help me with this when i receive this sculpt do i use my batman begins eyes from the figure.