pictures of harley quinn costumes for halloween

Thus began my four month journey of transforming my sister into a Harley Quinn Halloween costume. Below are four outfits inspired by the infamous Harley Quinn’s style. The sides look like they are covered with sugar-formed iconography – including playing card-esque bands and Harley’s name – in addition to the “comics” on top. While Harley has been a character in the DC Comics for decades, it wasn’t until   the joker costume  Margot Robbie played her in 2016’s Suicide Squad that interest in the villain skyrocketed to the next level. Then came Suicide Squad, were Margot Robbie famously played Harley Quinn as a tattooed, baseball-wielding fashionista. AC: It started out as being like a movie adaptation but then it went into its own direction. Moving from being a sidekick to a villain in her own right to a burgeoning crime-fighter has been a long road, but all along the way, the former Dr. Harleen Quinzel has been fashionable.

The black and red bra could fit right into any underwear campaign, and the khaki hotpants are not an army-issue pair, but Harley would never fall in line wearing regulation attire. The other 3 parts of this tutorial are already in progress, so stay tuned for those. And you are convinced you would be able to resist her if she wasn’t lying in the bathtub stark naked… If you are a Harley Quinn cosplayer, there is a facebook group for you! Gotham Fatale are not participating in organising this evening, but we will be there as special guests – performing, of course, as Harley and Ivy – maybe even with a double-act for double the fun! Harley Quinn is often described as being batty, passionate and intense and as a consequence, her costumes are a bit on the dramatic side! In order to make Auscon really special, they also encourage and welcome cosplay, and this year are having a burlesque event on the Saturday night – naturally, in theme of course – so expect more delightful geeky burlesque featuring characters from your favourite games, comics, shows and movies!

Mr G.B has come up with some dazzling ideas to make this event even more special than Comic Strip: at a secret location, there will be a screening of a DC documentary to start the festivities off, as well as a photo-booth – so costume & cosplay is not only encouraged but DESIRABLE – free cocktails and, of course, more fantastic Burlesque than you can shake a stick at – there’s even a little BOYLESQUE so we’ve got all bases covered! Unlike other comic book movies that have steered away from the source material for its costumes, Makovsky referenced the original DC Comics extensively for certain characters per Gunn’s request, like for Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and others. In many ways, this would serve as the most direct inspiration for the Suicide Squad movie’s Harley Quinn, after some evolution in the comics toward that direction first. Rapper Nicki Minaj and husband Kenneth Petty dressed up as the Joker and his girlfriend Harley Quinn, best known from the Batman and Suicide Squad movies.

Joker retorts. After this encounter, she works for months to set up a therapy session with him. In Harley’s Holiday, she gets out of Arkham, proving to be sane after rehabilitation therapy. Check out how this YouTuber called Lush Hair Extensions Ltd did it. You can check her Instagram. You can buy pastel-colored dyes or you can mix some hair conditioner with regular dye to create a lighter color. Using a classic blending blush, she layers the black shade “Tourmaline” on top of the lids and tear ducts for a deeper color before going in with a mix of the red and burgundy shades (“Red Planet” and “Angel of the North”) on the crease for a pop of color. To get this look, go for a red or black jumpsuit or overalls, and then add red, white, and black accessories. The group is closed and strictly for HQ cosplayers, so it doesn’t get cluttered with superfluous posts. She changes her appearance and her boss, the Joker, harley quinn costume suicide squad kids plans to rob a jewelry shop to get the Batman’s attention to show he is alive. Your favorite wacky and whimsical competition show is one of the top hits on FOX. Become the poster girl for the deranged when you top this look off with white jester collar, alluring eye mask and funky pommed hat.

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