McFarlane Toys vs. Mattel Movie Masters The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman

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After it’s tease at new York Comic-Con last year, a surprise drop of the full wave of McFarlane Toys’ The Dark Knight trilogy figures has arrived! Normally, one would be ecstatic to get anticipated figures this early, but did McFarlane rush this wave to meet demand too early??

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49 thoughts on “McFarlane Toys vs. Mattel Movie Masters The Dark Knight Trilogy Batman

  1. Pose him with legs slightly bent, slightly crouching, Then (Figure facing you) Turn the torso to the right, Now posed like that, Place him standing slightly sideways (as apposed to facing forward) and the odd proportions become Much less noticeable (I wish I could just show you) But it is possible to make him look better by having the legs facing one direction, and the upper torso facing another, Give it a try, and maybe you'll see what I'm suggesting. I wish the arms were thicker, but I am still grateful to have a 7 inch Bale Batman on my Batman wall, aside the other 7 inch scale versions (And villains) it's a better sculpt than some others I've seen. Bale is THEE BEST BATMAN PERIOD !!! Also getting a wider wired cape with help a lot, as the space between his arms and torso will now be all black and thus also less noticeable, Go see any review of him with a wired cloth cape and the thin arms do not stand out at all (I refused to give up on finding a way to pose it and make it look as good as I could) and yeah the rubber shoulders go over top of the cape, I understand this is unfortunately not prefect, But I still love it !!! (Hope they make a Batman Begins figure too)

  2. Not hear to troll you man, but using big words incorrectly does not make you seem smarter. It has the opposite effect. This is the second review of yours I have watched and it could be a drinking game. Maybe write out your scripts in advance(if you don't already) and look up the big words to make sure you are using them correctly.

  3. One of the issues making it look off is the hips are very wide, causing a very large thigh gap, which is causing him to look bow legged and somewhat hour-glass figured.

  4. Mcfarlane has some great strengths. Proportions are not one of them, especially upper vs lower body, whether it is legs far too long for the height of the upper body or one half just being to big or small for the other. Either way, they often look like good kitbashes, rather than parts deliberately designed to go together.

  5. I like this figure. I just wish they gave us a cloth cape. This cape looks kind of funny. This is genuinely Christian bale batman and I appreciate the work they did on this apart from the cape.

  6. In regards to the arms being skinny, that’s nothing electrical tape can’t fix, lol. The other issue with the arms though, I don’t really know what to tell you. They rushed the figure and that’s why it looks like that 😂. I don’t mind it though, I’d still play with the figure. And I’m frickin 24!!

  7. I think your problem with the proportion is the head height/size in proportion with the shoulder width. Not that it’s inaccurate, just that they tried for more human proportions. I think it takes away from the size of the upper body, and could be fixed by making the deltoids bigger or wider

  8. The sclupting, the likeness, the detail of this Mcfarlane are awesome! it's almost look like the one from Mafex TDK 3.0 but the Mafex one is much expensive. So not bad for cheaper figure having that great of likeness and detail. Unfortunetaly the articulations is quite bad. But it doesn't really that matter for me. And for the paint job, it's understandable that it's not that good due to the cheap price. But I love costumized figures from Mcfarlane, because the sclupting are so good, so I love repainting them.

  9. i think the overall figures are amazing, but the only one i have way too much issues is the main one, the dark knight figure, for me, the proportions are just way too noticeable, the torso is a bit too bulky for the arms and legs, the shoulders look a bit too small, over all, i wish they would've taken more time to make a more well made the dark knight figure

  10. I think the The Flash Michael Keaton Batman figures looks better in terms of it being a figure…. I generally fine McFarlane kind of mid compared the Marvel Legends or even black series for Star Wars

  11. After seeing the McFarlane Toys figure…I’m kind of glad I went with the imported Tamashii Nations figure years ago. (Seriously, look up either the SHFiguarts Dark Knight Batman or the MAFEX Dark Knight Batman v3.0)

    But if I had to choose between the two shown… you could do worse than McFarlane Toys. Cape aside, it’s sculpted well.