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3D realistic industrial old metal Sculpted detail is excellent, with the exposed lower jaw looking especially realistic. The lower jaw looks fantastically painted, with a realistic skin tone and subtle color to the lips. The only elements that appear specifically borrowed from the comics are Robbie’s two-toned Daisy Dukes, whose red and blue color scheme appeared first in Arkham Asylum. The first part of the Joker Costume from Suicide Squad the movie comes in the form of Joker Mask. Of course, Waller only recruited Harley  anime halloween costumes   because she knew the Joker would return, using Harley against the villain when he did. I had hoped to see their 1/4 scale DeVito Penguin get shrunken down this year, but the Harley Quinn was a nice surprise for sure. Even the pigtails are articulated, which was a really nice touch. Thankfully, the joints are tight, with no paint locking issues to be found. Look carefully before purchasing, diy harley quinn costume and you should find one that has no paint issues.

There isn’t a lot of “paint” on the figure, The armor pieces look to mostly be case in the dark gray and black, needing little to no paint to look authentic. The paint deco is where Harley really shines. The Harley figure also comes in a collector friendly window box. Like last year’s DC figures, Batman comes packaged in a collector friendly window box. If you’ve handled any of NECA’s recent female 7″ figures, then you know what to expect from Harley’s articulation and range of motion. The knees and elbows are single jointed, but have a good range of motion. So, if you’re one of them, you’ll appreciate how useful these Harley Quinn costumes are! The film features Margot Robbie reprising the role of Harley Quinn. Batman stands about 7″ tall, features a cloth cape and has about 25 points of articulation. It features close ups of Harley’s leather outfit as the main background design. This gorgeous officially licensed DC Comics Harley Quinn Costume Silky Satin Robe looks like villain Harley Quinn’s outfit. Harley Quinn is an incredibly villain of the American DC Comics. The Harley Quinn is a most famous adult animated TV series in America and it is based on DC comics character.

Show off your best Harley Quinn in this classic costume that will have you party and photo ready. You may add your own style if you want to upgrade the classic Harley Quinn costume. Arkham knight costume – In this series introduced Harley Quinn in sexy costume. Inside the box, Harley Quinn sits on a plastic tray, held in by two twist ties. The Joker, seeing the episode and learning that it led to an emotional wreck on Harley (as she is now left without a job), proceeds to take advantage of the situation. No one has the legal right to, without my permission, take any content from my website and publish it elsewhere. Check it all out in the gallery below, courtesy of Tina Charad’s website. 4.8 out of 5 stars 20. FREE Shipping by Amazon. And when superfans come together, they go all out. NECA handled the varying colors with subtly that is hard to come by at this scale. We’re not quite sure who this lady is – but judging by the specks of gold and extravagant headpiece, she’s come from wealth and royalty!

It can be a little trickier due to the smaller flat areas on the bottom of the feet, but she stands stably after you get the hang of it. Harley stands a little under 7″ tall. But Harley is caught by surprise when Darkseid himself arrives on the scene. Harley is overjoyed and tries to embrace him, but Deadshot manages to shoot her in the gut. Now, Harley Quinn’s popularity is greater than ever with her appearance on the “Suicide Squad” movie in 2016 which was released to great box office success! The photos on the sides show the 1/4 scale version of Batman, as opposed to the 7″ version that is in the box. The box is modeled after the 1/4 scale release from earlier in the year. The Batman figure had a lot to live up to, compared to the 1/4 scale version. The Batman figure sits on a plastic tray, held in by two twist ties.