I Watched The Batman in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found

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As promised, here goes my in-depth breakdown of #TheBatman in 0.25x speed. I have found a total of 13 new details in the movie that are worth mentioning in this video. Let me know your thoughts lads! ok bye

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27 thoughts on “I Watched The Batman in 0.25x Speed and Here’s What I Found

  1. 5:39 it was already confirmed through The Art of The Batman book that he wasn't injecting himself with venom, he injected a normal adrenaline shot
    and yes Batman never fought Riddler directly in the movie, because it was established in the first place that The Batman movie focused more on the detective side of Batman
    but no, in this movie, Bruce only in his second year as Batman, and he always went out as Batman at night, even if someone only stay in the dark for 1 day, and suddenly go out and see the light, they will react just like what Pattinson did

  2. This became my favorite Batman movie instantly. The "darkness"of it, Pattinson nailed it as both, Bruce and Batman, the cinematography, the riddles, especially the "URL" one, and Nirvana's 'Something's in the way' was perfect. 
    Year 2 as "The Batman" so, he still makes mistakes and has so much to learn, just awesome. Can't wait for a sequel.

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  4. Actually, Keaton does a cape flip as he goes up the stairs to face off with Nicholson's Joker. Still, this has become my 2nd fave Batman movie as it hits the notes of an early notes of a "Batman Year:2" feel. Excellent film!! 💯%👍🏾👍🏾