I Tried Batman’s OFFICIAL Martial Art

I met with the fighting choreographer of the famous Dark Knight trilogy movie and got to experience Batman’s fighting style and martial art first hand.

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My name is Rokas. I’m a Lithuanian guy who trained Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running a professional Aikido Dojo until eventually I realized that Aikido does not live up to what it promises.

Lead by this realization I decided to make a daring step to close my Aikido Dojo and move to Portland, Oregon for six months to start training MMA at the famous Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head coach Matt Thornton.

After six months intensive training I had my first amateur MMA fight after which I moved back to Lithuania. During all of this time I am documenting my experience through my YouTube channel called “Martial Arts Journey”.

Now I am slowly setting up plans to continue training MMA under quality guidance and getting ready for my next MMA fight as I further document and share my journey and discoveries.

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39 thoughts on “I Tried Batman’s OFFICIAL Martial Art

  1. That´s all fine and dandy, too bad you can´t see any of this in the movies, because Chr. Nolan used that crappy Mid-00´s "Shakycam & 400 quick cuts per minute"- style. The hand-to-hand combat fight scenes in Nolan´s trilogy are absolutely horrendously filmed & edited.

  2. The dark night has some of the worst fight choreography in movie history. There are guys during fight scenes just standing in shot waiting for there turn to attack there are people falling over who have never even been touched there are so many shots that the cameara angle shows theres no contact or that the strike isnt even close its ridiculous. The movies are great but let down by shoddy timing and bad camera angles even all the shacky camera nonscense cant hide how poor it is

  3. Love man. I have been a disabled veteran for the last 20+ years. I struggle with pain and hopelessness everyday. My nerve pain and death is advancing everyday. This video helped me remember what the path is. To keep trying and be my own super hero. Thank you.

  4. In the comics, Batman has supposedly mastered every martial art, but we all know that there isn't enough time in one life for that. And they say Batman doesn't have any superpowers……

  5. Decent enough video but you need to stop with all of the pathetic self-loathing. My introduction to your channel is you whining about general life things and acting like it's the end. Good content, stop the soft speak whine

  6. Life Hates you'???? yeah- right- I was bodyguard/RANGER, fed officer- and got mashed between 2 trucks in 99- and am STILL not over it…. talking about your hip- I hurt, hips, knees, back- everywhere STILL after 25 years almost….. so you get up and go….

  7. Your first episode of the ultimate self-defense championship was very inspiring to me.👍 Don't know why. I'm really happy to see that you still found a way to get through with your plan besides all the mental and financial pressure. Love watching your journey!👍 And I'm so exited for the next episode on the 7.5.😁😁😁

  8. This style is very similar to 52Blocks, a Prison system Martial arts mixed with Boxing, Muy thai and Judo/Wrestling/Bjj…made to fight in close quarters and defend aswell as attack the focus is usually Forarmm and elbows..this style if extremely close the diff is 52Blocks is taught exclusivlt to The Nation of Gods and Earths sometimes known as 5percenters and is a proven sytem used to survive in prison. I was taught it my Grandfather but i rely more on Boxing, since I just love boxing its in my blood..My cousin is 2time world champ tracy patterson and i have 4 other cousins all former pro boxers or am champions one is Toughman champion. Its cool because its like my Family has our own style of Martial Arts. Im a very good boxer in the ring, but in the street i can and have been peoples worse nightmare, due to my experience and Training