Hot Toys Batman The Flash Modern Suit Keaton 89 Batman PREVIEW

Hot Toys Batman The Flash Modern Suit Keaton 89 Batman PREVIEW

Clip taken from the full episode of “Lights, Camera, Collect!” found here:

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15 thoughts on “Hot Toys Batman The Flash Modern Suit Keaton 89 Batman PREVIEW

  1. the figure looks good, but why didn't they use leather for the cape. It just means later on it might deteriorate, and you're left with a figure that you need to hide.

  2. My only issue with the sculpt is the skin, I don't think Keaton looks that weathered. It looks like he had bad acne in his youth. What might be affecting the judgement of some is the hair. We've been so used to Keaton's receding hairline over the years, it kind of looks odd seeing him with a wig. Eyes, nose and mouth look almost spot on to me, though I also see a slight resemblance to the very underrated Callum Keith Rennie (would have made a great Joker) too.

    I'm 1989 all the way, but this certainly tempts me.

  3. I am creating a chronological age for my batman display. Starting with the Inart batman (youth), still waiting for a good prime batman figure, and this one for an elderly/retiring batman.

  4. At first glance, i was thinking 89 suits looks better, i still think it looks better but HT is emphasizing better articulation plus different cape options. I'm now leaning towards this one.

  5. I don’t know. I was excited to see this but then I got to thinking do I really need this or even want this……I don’t think it’s a preorder maybe a wait and see for the price then buy it later. I’m right there in the middle.