GREAT facts and details in BATMAN BEGINS #shorts

Facts and details are taken from a mixture of sources, including articles and interviews. All footage used is “fair use.”

Here are some facts and details you likely didn’t notice in Batman Begins.

We see this character referred to only as “Mr. Zsasz.” In the DC comics, Victor Zsasz is a serial killer who marks his body with scars to make tallies of the amount of people he has killed, which can be seen in the movie on his neck and upper chest.

On the Batman Begins soundtrack, the first letter in the names of tracks 4-9 spell out Batman. Also, every piece of the score in the soundtrack is named after a certain genus of bat.

Christopher Nolan shot Gotham City exterior scenes as a mixture of London, New York, and Chicago, because he wanted the city to look recognizable and part of the real world.

The Wayne Manor used in the film exists in the real world and is a 19th century English country house built between 1852 and 1854, known as Mentmore Towers.

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