Explore Terrifying Clown Animatronics, Costumes, and Horror Props at the Transworld Halloween Show

Experience the spine-chilling compilation from the Transworld Halloween and Attraction Show, featuring an array of scary clowns, animatronics, props, magic tricks, and costumes. Prepare to be terrified by the sight of a gigantic Pennywise IT animatronic clown, a disconcerting clown head residing in a literal box, a mesmerizing fake cut in half magic trick performed by skilled actors, a haunting clown puppet, and an assortment of other horrifying Halloween props.

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46 thoughts on “Explore Terrifying Clown Animatronics, Costumes, and Horror Props at the Transworld Halloween Show

  1. Decent source of personality style study (comments are loaded) beyond the obvious demonology possession evil perversion healthy reaction deadening unforgivable missing anti-purpose messages (parody of death camps and average 60-victim serial killers, death over life, submission to, INSTITUTIONAL INSANITY called CLOWN SHOWS. Etc.) Someone should do an expose on the psychology of a sick national holiday that is worse than FPS "games" that have trained every young killer for 30 years. These monsters actually exist – but celebrating that is a good idea? Isn't there a better way? Like maybe electric shock therapy? Confinement in the Matrix until healed?
    Course (ask my ex) I felt very similarly about books glorifying Disco – and just about anything pervy that could have been avoided, Cheryl.

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  3. 1: pennywise ate the child,s whole arm
    2: bitch in the box is just screaming
    3: the tied up a legless woman or whatever and put a fake lower body
    4: is this clown laughing or what
    5: a band of clown,s
    6: a laugh upsidedown clown