Everything You Didn’t Know About Batman Begins

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In this documentary we learn about his first films, the success of “Memento” and “Insomnia”, his passion for the world of comics and magic, and the triumph of “The Dark Knight”. Christopher creates masterpieces from thin air. Whether the budget is 150 million or 6 thousand, he will transfer all his dreams to the screen. Join us in “following” Christopher Nolan on his journey.
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35 thoughts on “Everything You Didn’t Know About Batman Begins

  1. Not sure why y'all use the hyper american cool guy voice for your "quotes". Comes off as grating and try hardy. Just stick to your normal intonation and cadence – other than that, stellar vid folks.

  2. You call them the Wachowski Sisters but then show two men.

    How am I supposed to trust your video when You can’t even get human sex correctly. They’re not women then, they’re not women now. My grandmother didn’t fight for women’s rights just to have two millionaire white boys erase the definition of women simply because they want more attention.

    You earned your downvote

  3. It's genuinely heart warming that you chose to refer to the directors as sisters despite the risk of incurring the wrath of transphobic snowflakes who wouldn't recognise an etymological fallacy over the noise of their own emotional fragility.

  4. Batman Begins brought super hero movies to the forefront in a way that they hadn't been before. It forced everybody to up their game when making super hero movies. The MCU would not have been what it was without the Dark Knight Trilogy that came before it.

  5. im so glad Killian Murphy played scarecrow instead of batman. he did such an awesome job with it and i can't think of another actor who could pull off such an unorthodox character like that.

  6. Why are the voice overs for Nolan so bombastic and annoying? lol it's like someone went out of their way to make them as outlandish as possible

  7. Batman begins released in the last 5 years would have broken every box office record. Well, sort of, because it's one of the reason superhero movies are everywhere nowadays. Thank god it came before iron man.