Christian Bale’s Secret That Got Him RIPPED For Batman! (Full Program)

Here’s Christian Bale’s workout for Batman Begins! Christian Bale has done some pretty crazy body transformations over the years! From his 60-pound weight loss for The Machinist to his 40-pound fat gain for his Role in Vice! Christian always fully commits himself to his roles and doesn’t slack when it comes to his workout program! Christain Bale got super ripped for his role in American Psycho and he did it again for his role as Batman! Christain Bale looks super jacked in Batman Begins and has a very realistic physique! A physique I could really see Batman having in real life! In this video, I’ll break down everything you need to know about how Christain Bale trained for Batman Begins and I’ll give you a program so you can train just like him!

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22 thoughts on “Christian Bale’s Secret That Got Him RIPPED For Batman! (Full Program)

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  2. I gained 80+ lbs naturally in 6 months right as I turned 30, after about 3 years of anorexia where I commonly took in less than 1000 calories/day. I just ate and ate regular meals at a regular time and mostly stuck to low rep/high weight workouts and calisthenics (especially pull ups and push ups, because they're hard and you start low rep).

    My brother was actually warning me to be cautious of getting stretch marks from putting on about 15lbs/month or 1/2 a pound a day. Most of it went to muscle, it's just where my body wants to be. I mostly climb for my workout now and I want to cut for the health of my hands but I'm also worried about losing the muscle that gives me power in climbing.

  3. He has said in an interview that he is feeling the backlashes of these extreme bodytransformations he has done throughout his career.. But I gotta say his physics in American Psycho is amazing.

  4. Watching this because I was actually going to start a Batman workout next week so I can wear the Wayne Long Sleeve from SuperX with pride.

    Totally do Batfleck next. I thought he had so much potential.