Batman Forever – Caravan of Garbage

Tim Burtons Batman Returns ended up being not the creative direction (box office return) that Warner Brothers wanted. So in response to that we got a pretty significant tone shift for the next entry, Batman Forever directed by Joel Schumacher and now starring Val Kilmer as Bruce Wayne. And it worked! Financially. Thanks for checking out our Caravan Of Garbage review

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43 thoughts on “Batman Forever – Caravan of Garbage

  1. I love the idea that Daniel day Lewis would play Batman if you just challenged him to it. Like he's bound by blood to do it, even if he didn't want to. Tricking him into playing like, a fucking g.i joe character or some dumb shit.

  2. Dr Chase had figured out who Batman really was, but she didn't want to go public with it and ruin Batman or confront either him or Bruce directly, because of course it would have gotten her nowhere. So she used her supernatural feminine wiles to seduce both at the same time, particularly Batman. Her goal? To get Batman alone in her room, wanting to take things further despite himself, and then say she was in love with Bruce Wayne. That was her best chance of getting him to confess and reveal his identity to her on the spot.

  3. I really enjoyed this movie, despite the plotholes and campy tone. Tommy Lee Jones could have all of his scenes cut and it probably would have been a better movie. Chris O'Donnell was Awesome as Robin, despite clearly being an adult. It was bright , loud and fun, without falling to ridiculousness like Batman and Robin.

  4. Not one cares, but I have always thought Keaton was the best combined Bruce/ batman, Kilmer was the best at just being Batman and Clooney was the best at just being Bruce.

  5. What i found crazy was how Two-Face was genuinely terrifying during the first 30 seconds he's introduced, from there on it was downhill

  6. Batman's coins in almost any other situation with Harvey would have been a non-lethal distraction. Batman didn't choose the setting for the coin flip; also having him die prevents any chance that Dick will keep going after him.

  7. The Batmobile from this movie is the first Batman-related toy I ever got in my life but ironically I never saw the movie itself until like… 2021. I'm always a little jealous that the '89/Returns one gets so much love from the community/comics/etc when it keeps popping up as an easter egg in stuff. This is a long way of saying I agree, it is a cool design and I agree with your take.

  8. William Baldwin ended up voicing batman in the animated dc film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths where they fight their evil doppelgangers i.e. Ultraman and Owlman. Cool that he still somewhat got his shot